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Welcome to RSMacro.com

RSMacro is RuneScape automation software, developed with safety and simplicity in mind.
Worried about getting banned? Sick of paying high prices just to bot?
Look no further, RSMacro.com has you covered!

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A wide variety of scripts...

We have over 100 scripts in total, while more are being added all the time!
From Agility, to moneymaking and even bossing!
For less than a price of a coffee, you can bot pretty much any skill in-game!

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    • From now on each user will be able to claim a 2 hour free trial before purchasing! I want people to be able to try it out before they purchase. To claim your free trial:   Download RSMacro from the Downloads area on the website Run RSMacro and select "Free trial" from the main menu.   You will only be able to claim this once, so use your 2 hours wisely. Have fun botting!
    • Awesome, hopefully can figure out why it goes black on boot sometimes, next time it happens I'll check the windows event log
    • This is useful for sending keys where no clicking is required. For example, when excavating archaeology, you can simply press space to skip any dialog (Like when you find an artifact) and stay logged in Also good for staying logged in while mining seren stones etc
    • This script simply sends keys to the window to keep you logged in, nothing special!
    • Settings: Always on chat needs to be on To turn it on with legacy interface mode, right click "All" in the chatbox and toggle it on. Example: 
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