How to bot RuneScape in the background WITHOUT a VM!

RSMacro is an amazing piece of software, which allows you to bot over 100+ activities in RuneScape. One downside is the inability to use the mouse and keyboard while the bot is running, due to the fact that RSMacro takes over the system hardware in an attempt to avoid detection.

Well that all changes, thanks to RDPWrap!
RDPWrap allows you to connect to your own computer remotely, and log into a different user on your PC at the same time your main account is running.

Here’s my tutorial on how to configure it correctly.

After you’ve setup the local RDP, you will be able to bot in the background, leaving your main PC unaffected and free to do other activities.

Typically I would recommend using a virtual machine to bot inside of, in some cases I still do, but for the average user just looking to bot in the background, a local RDP is enough.

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