Is RSMacro Legit?’s software is not only legit, but it is the best solution for botting on RuneScape. Our software has the most fluid and accurate mouse movements available in the market today.

We understand that many users and potential customers may be skeptical due to our low prices and abundant features, but allow us to quell those fears and reassure you, yes, RSMacro is indeed legit.

We’re the only publicly available RuneScape 3 automation software in 2022, a title we wear proudly. Reliability, affordability and trustworthiness is something we strive to uphold and deliver to our users and customers. We want to make all of our users feel safe when using our software or making a purchase, that’s why many steps are taken to make users feel more comfortable.

So, is RSmacro safe? Does it contain a virus?

Of course it doesn’t! That wouldn’t make for a very good business model, on top of that our reputation would be severely tarnished. RSmacro is publicly available and can be downloaded by anyone, including malware researchers and reverse engineers, which we welcome. Our software is clean, but as a precaution, we always recommend users scan it with their antivirus before using, as well as scan it on virustotal. False positives happen on occasion due to our software protection, we use code encryption and obfuscation to protect our source. Not only does this help stop users from being able to steal our code, but also stops Jagex from being able to fingerprint our software.

We highly recommend users take the following precautions before using our software:

• Update your antivirus to the latest version possible
• Scan RSMacro before using it
• Run it in a virtual machine if you’re worried
• Use the official Jagex launcher, which removes the need for you type in your account details into the game client.
• Activate two factor authentication on both your email, as well as your RuneScape account.

With those steps completed, you should feel confident botting with RSmacro. Of course if you’re still skeptical, our only advice would be simply not to risk it, we don’t want paranoid users blaming us if something goes wrong with their account, so if you’re paranoid, we recommend you don’t use our software

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